Media Relations

The benefits of media exposure are not reserved for only celebrities, fortune 500 companies, and political figures. It goes a long way to create brand awareness and is used to promote or legitimize organizations large and small, for profit and non-profit.

Well planned and executed media exposure is a great way to build brand awareness beyond the reach of your existing networks. Isn’t that what you want for your organization?

Chemistry Multimedia has established relationships with multiple media outlets in most national markets. We know how to find the contacts, establish and develop those relationships, and get your stories told. We combine skill and creativity to create blog posts and social media content, articles for local and national newspapers, press releases and media advisories. We are your Modern Publicist.


Most organizations have the desire to obtain media exposure. The true challenge is “How?” Through our years of experience, we have developed strategies to meet the challenges all of our clients!

In many cases, creating media events to promote or legitimize an organization and/or their activities is a skill we use often. After thorough planning, we establish a plan of action and then execute.

Through successful implementation of our efforts, we have proven success to our many clients over the years. This is why we continue to be a business based upon referrals. We are eager to show you results as well.